Local Brewing Co & Burnley Brewing Fruits Of Our Labour: Mango Nectar Sour

Local Brewing Co

Published April 15, 2021

The ongoing bread-saving collaboration between Local Brewing Co and Burnley Brewing reached its third iteration in April 2021 with Mango Nectar Sour. The Fruits of Our Labour series utlizes bread destined for the bin, in this case from three separate bakeries, and fresh fruit and like all Local Brewing beers, each pack sold provides a meal for someone in need through SecondBite.

It might be a sour but really the keyword in the beer’s name is “nectar” with the mango oozing out quite sweet and as though it’s been freshly squeezed in the glass. Beyond that, there’s a slight doughy note, low bitterness and soft tart finish for a warm-weather beer that might not bring summer back but may just take your mind to a tropical beach.

Will Ziebell

Mango Sour
Local Brewing Co

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