Local Brewing & Veneziano Coffee On What Grounds

Local Brewing Co

Published August 25, 2021

One drink might be designed for the start of the day and the other for the end of it but there’s a natural affinity when it comes to coffee roasters and brewing companies. Decades ago, those drinking either might not have put too much thought into what's in the glass - or mug - but recent history has seen small operators encourage people to carefully consider both drinks. Bringing the two together in August 2021 are Local Brewing and Veneziano Coffee Roasters, with the collaborative coffee porter On What Grounds.

The brewing company’s made use of some 20 kilogram’s of the coffee roaster's Crave blend and from the first moment of cracking the can, it's quite clear that a substantial amount of coffee has been used in the beer. It's really quite intense in how hard the coffee notes hit but alongside those espresso flavours and a touch of caramel, there's more classic porter notes of roasted barley, dark chocolate and a touch of vanilla sweetness.

Will Ziebell

Coffee Porter
Local Brewing Co

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