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Published October 21, 2022

It’s funny how quickly a beer can take you to a time and a place. In this instance, that transportation is summer 21/22 after living through another long Melbourne lockdown. As the omicron wave swept through the country a favourite treat was a tonic and coffee spritz from my local cafe that proved the perfect panacea for hot sunny afternoons.

That brings us to Local Brewing’s Coffee Citrus Sour, a beer that instantly connects to that delicious afternoon caffeine hit. The beer is a collaboration with Veneziano Coffee Roasters and uses their Ethiopian Halo Beriti single origin beans and orange. It’s that balance of light tartness, rich dark fruits, floral notes, citrus and the beer’s sprightly carbonation that has those wonderful transportive qualities and makes it a fitting release ahead of summer.

Will Ziebell

Coffee Sour
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