Bodriggy Brewing Stingrays Draught

Bodriggy Brewing Co

Published July 8, 2021

Much like its namesake bar (and the individual who spawned the bar’s name), Stingrays Draught is a little left of centre. Sure the beer inside may be straightforward enough but it represents a different look and feel when compared with the broader Bodriggy family, with the idea being that this is a beer grabbed by the case and enjoyed straight from the tin.

Being a bit of a play for the mainstream lager drinker's attention, it hits the mark well too, pouring with a glistening gold with a bright and white head of foam. Dig into it and you’ll find a soft bit of bitterness and some floral and spice notes but at the same time, maybe don’t dig into it too much. After all, it's meant to be drunk ice cold in the sun or alternatively, enjoyed at the "bougie bogan" hangout that is Stingrays Upstairs.

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