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Published September 4, 2021

Sauce have released another IPA in their dual-hop series “where we showcase two outstanding hops, and give the beer the least imaginative name possible.”

Meet Bruclipse, which sounds like a disaster movie starring Channing Tatum.

Brewers use American hop variety Bru-1 is to impart strong pineapple aroma and flavour in their beer, while Aussie-grown Eclipse is known for its powerful mandarin character. And what does Bruclipse smell like? Pineapple juice and mandarin. So unoriginal, Sauce.

And since you’ve spoiled everything up front by telling us this beer is triple dry-hopped and juicy, we already know to expect those high, sweet notes of tinned pineapple, and we’re obviously going into this looking for the zing of mandarin peel coming off in big chunks. Have you considered letting our imagination do even a little of the work?

And, what, you think you’re so funky and fresh just because the fruity yeast esters poke their nose in? All beer has yeast. Hardly groundbreaking, Sauce. You think a whisper of grain character in background is going to blow our minds? All beer is made of grain. Come on.

So, to everyone out there who was thinking of trying this beer – if you were hoping for some big surprise, forget about it. Sauce is just throwing punchy and flavoursome hops together and the resulting beer tastes exactly as you’d expect – punchy and flavoursome.

So unimaginative, Sauce.

Mick Wust

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