Otherside Nelson Sabro IPA & Belgian Amburana Ale

Otherside Brewing Co

Published December 3, 2021

With a little festive imagination, Otherside’s December '21 experimental releases have opposing hemisphere’s Christmas tables in mind. Nelson Sabro Oat Cream IPA serves up an Australian meal with its dense mango colour holding the hop and adjunct illusion of a vanilla and coconut cream panna cotta – one sprinkled with mint and splashed with white wine. As for its intent... imagine the last spoonful in the bowl washed down with the remainder of a wine glass as the sea breeze arrives. [OK, I'll try – Editor]

Latitudes north, the other celebration features heady, spiced scents of baked treats via Otherside’s ongoing dabbling with Brazilian Amburana wood. They've been haggling with Australian customs for months in order to bring in a niche South American wood which imparts ginger and baker's spice notes in beer, a challenge that makes this worth tracking down out of curiosity alone.

Now, imagine spiced fudge, Belgian chocolate, ever so overbaked gingerbread people, a touch of smoke and Belgian yeast character, including its dry resolution, and you’ll go some way to unlocking the nuance of this intriguingly drinkable Christmas offering.

Guy Southern

Oat Cream IPA & Spiced Belgian Ale
7.4% & 6.2%

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