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“What if we could ‘can’ this feeling?”

That’s where Otherside Brewing Co started out: surrounded by the noise, sunshine, energy and shared experience of the summer festival season, something upon which the brewery’s owners had built a very successful career.

Within two years of being hit with this lightning bolt of inspiration, the brewery had debuted its Festive Ale – geddit? – to thousands of music lovers as well as building a 20 hectolitre brewery in a Myaree light industrial unit not far from its Fremantle birthplace.

Given its origins, there will be little surprise there's an approachable and fun-loving ethos running through everything Otherside does, not least the beers they describe as “Beers that keep the conversation going, not become part of it.” As such, quality and sessionability remain front of mind for head brewer Rhys Lopez, whose industry experience has seen him work at some of the largest and most well-regarded breweries in Western Australia – with a little distilling and hospitality thrown in for good measure.

Rhys’ tight core range of beer is built upon a mainstage lineup of drinkability that runs from a classic Helles lager through to an anthemic IPA, with names that often riff on – pun intended – musical themes. This is ably supported by the Pilot series, designed to explore seasonality and the brewer’s creativity and occasionally delivering beers that become part of the core range.

At the niche end of the spectrum is the Experimental range. These are, as the name suggests, the most playful of the portfolio, and also come in the most limited of volumes. Often these beers start out as exclusive brewery bar-only releases, an incentive for beer lovers to stop by and pull up a pew more regularly.

The brewery bar is as colourful as the people behind the venture: walls are covered in large murals or plastered in posters from the music side of the wider operation; furniture is a mélange that runs from crates and benches to reclaimed metal chairs and trestles; at its centre is a unique circular bar set against the backdrop of the brewery around which are laid bricks bearing the names of "Beer Tycoons" who've invested in the venture.

It's open from Thursday to Sunday and features all the hits on tap, plus an apple cider. The Brewhouse has its very own food truck too, called Nomads, that offers a different menu inspired by a different part of the world every week – check the brewery website or Facebook to see what’s cooking what when – and the kids’ area is sure to keep the smallest Otherside enthusiasts entertained.

Takeaway cans and growlers fills are available, as are memberships to become an Otherside Tycoon so you can garner invites to exclusive beer events, have input into future Pilot or Experimental releases and more.

With a background in the music and film, the team behind the brewery is keen to give back to the arts community. Regular Tapped by Otherside grants have assisted filmmakers produce short films, with local up-and-comer Stella Donnelly sent to the prestigious SXSW music festival in Austin, Texas. All of the Pilot series cans feature artwork from local artists too.

An Otherside microbrewery – The Brewshed – will feature within Freo.Social, a live music venue set to open in March 2019 in Freo's historic Artillery Drill Hall, while the main production brewery continues to grow. And, with new tanks arriving to meet demand just two years into the brewery's young life, the future of Otherside looks assured.

Guy Southern

Otherside Brewing Co

Blaikie Street
WA 6154

Open Hours

Thursday: 4pm to 8pm
Friday: 4pm to 9pm
Saturday: midday to 9pm
Sunday: midday to 8pm

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Otherside Brewing Co Regulars

Otherside Brewing Co Anthem IPA

For the most powerful moment within their core range, Otherside rouse the mood with a West Coast IPA. The style is known for a lighter malt body that lets the hops shine and, while Anthem arrives with chutzpah, gusto and an elegant balance, it’s the lasting dry finish that supplies the "hands in the air" moment. Pouring a translucent light gold, crested with a tight, white halo, the opening salvo of tropical aromas is supported by light citrus. The lean malt body sits alongside a resinous… Read more
West Coast IPA

Otherside Brewing Co Harvest Red Ale

Right from this red ale’s initial release, it quickly became apparent that the debut beer in the brewery's Pilot Series would join the core range. The hop forward beer provides depth to the core range of four while still retaining an affable appeal. Aromas of fruity melon and a touch of citrus move towards plummy stonefruit on smooth malt characters. The booze is dialled in, creating a deft balance of weight, interest and something for the 36 IBUs to play off. Despite its pervasive appearance… Read more
Red Ale

Otherside Brewing Co Festive Ale

Born out of the music festival scene that was a precursor to Otherside Brewing, Festive Ale brings a different take to the summer ale / session IPA space. Indeed, it’s something that head brewer Rhys Lopez noted in this publication, describing it as “almost like a New World Märzen with American, Australian and New Zealand hops with so much Vienna malt that creates a melanoidin flavour”. For the non-brewers out there, what he means is a light honey / biscuity malt character, which is definitely… Read more
Session Ale

Otherside Brewing Co Social

Social by name, social by nature. Social is about sharing great experiences with others and not letting the beer get in the way – just enjoy the moment. To be fair, its serviceability vastly underplays this well-crafted classic Helles lager which pours clear straw in colour and is perfectly packed with German Perle hops that provide a little spice and grassy character. The sweet malt is balanced by tight bitterness that never overpowers and a fine, drying carbonation that ultimately asks whether… Read more
Munich Lager

Otherside Brewing Co Specials

Otherside Brewing Co Imperial Harvest

Tapped April 2nd, 2019
This Experimental Series release from Otherside is a big brother to the brewery’s popular Harvest Red, which itself started life as a limited release back in 2016. The beer quickly earned a second limited run before making itself an essential part of the brewery's core range. Craft beer has long had a habit of taking something great and then making it bigger and bolder and it’s not always easy to achieve balance when the flavours and alcohol are given a significant adrenaline shot. Thankfully,… Read more
Imperial Red Ale

Otherside Brewing Pilot Series: Distortion Kettle Sour

Tapped March 12th, 2019
In an earlier version, Distortion was a liquid resume that brewer Andrew Skipp provided as part of his interview with Otherside. Given Skipp got the job, the beer must have made quite the impression and now the beer has made its way from homebrew to commercial release. Part of their Pilot Series of beers, Distortion is a dry-hopped kettle sour with the emphasis very much on the dry hop. “It’s actually the biggest dry hop we’ve ever done,” says brewer Rhys Lopez. The beer pours a hazy pale… Read more
Kettle Sour

Otherside Brewing Co Experimental Series: Banana Shake IPA

Tapped February 22nd, 2019
Banana. The word is right there in the title of the beer. But how much banana flavour should one expect? In these hazy days of fruits and hops, when a flavour is right there in the name of the beer, it’s hard to set your expectations as to whether you’re about to experience something soft and subtle or loud and menacing. In this case, the banana is on the quieter end of the scale, the flavour carefully imparted via the use of a hefeweizen yeast. From there, the team pressed on with an IPA. Well,… Read more
Milkshake IPA

In 375ml cans and on tap across WA then hitting the East Coast

Otherside Brewing Co Experimental Series: Golden Ale

Tapped February 1st, 2019
At the turn of this decade, the lupulin drenched proceedings that were to come were but whispers between a small group of drinkers. For the most part, the most exciting development of the early 2000s was the rise of an easy-drinking ale with a lighter hue – the golden ale. Indeed, this may well have been the style of beer that launched many now craftier drinkers towards more adventurous realms. This Experimental Series release from Otherside, however, is not that beer. It is rather a Belgian strong… Read more
Belgian Strong Golden Ale

Otherside Brewing Co Scotch Ale

Tapped December 8th, 2018
Otherside’s first barrel release builds on the classic yet little seen Scotch ale style with a little help from Woodford Reserve and Heaven Hill bourbon barrels. The spirituous match is well considered and teases at future releases but, for now, this refined sipper released in time for Christmas 2018 should fortify the more contemplative moments of the tail end of the year. The dark copper beer’s tight cappuccino-coloured head holds aromas of caramel jubes, bourbon vanilla and muted oak. The… Read more
Bourbon Barrel-Aged Scotch Ale

Otherside Brewing Co DDH Anthem

Tapped December 1st, 2018
Otherside get in the festive spirit by ramping up their Anthem IPA. The Experimental Series DDH – Double Dry Hopped – release not only magnifies the original beer's tropical characters but also bumps up the booze by half a percent, enough to make chatting at the Christmas party that little bit more interesting and free-flowing. Slightly more orange in the glass than it’s sibling, DDH Anthem’s massive fruity aroma is unavoidable, particularly the melon characters which dominate. The familiar… Read more
DDH West Coast IPA

Otherside Brewing Co Experimental Series Red Creaming Sour

Tapped November 28th, 2018
The irony about this Experimental Series release from Otherside is that, while it stretches the notion of what beer can be in true experimental fashion, the name tells you everything you need to know – it actually couldn’t be more transparent with the throbbing head rush of saccharine vanilla and raspberry, a combination that’s fuelled equal amounts of children’s glee and parents' concern. In its beerified format, the immediate sugar rush is palpable, while the romance of flavours plays out… Read more
New World Sour

Otherside Brewing Co Pilot Series: Break Antipodean Pale Ale

Tapped November 27th, 2018
A tipping point has arrived at Otherside. For the past 18 months, their brewery has come together and, as the brewers have got to grip with it, the momentum gathered through a steady stream of beers is becoming instead a torrent of releases through Otherside’s various handles. The latest in the Pilot Series is a tropically inspired pale ale and, although it’s a limited release, one imagines this could very well end up in the core range. Pouring golden and with a subtle orange-tinged haze, Break… Read more
Pale Ale

Available in limited release from the brewery & select WA retailers and venues

Otherside Brewing Co Lo-Fi Citrus Wheat

Tapped November 2nd, 2018
Mid-strength beers are a challenge for brewers. Walking a tightrope of mouthfeel, flavour and balance at around 3.5 percent ABV has led to many session beers being labelled as "donuts" by the brewing community – all aroma and bitterness but with no body in the middle. Sure, you can make a great caramel malt based mid, but is this really what you want in the height of summer? For a different view, take a trip to the Otherside where its first low ABV beer sees the team embellishing an… Read more
American Wheat

From the brewery and WA retailers and venues

Otherside Brewing Co Experimental Series Strong Ale

Tapped October 18th, 2018
Strong ale isn’t a style seen too often these days, perhaps unsurprising when the US led push for bigger, more bitter and more aggressive beers has had such an impact globally that there are plenty of other beers that sit at or above the 7.5 percent ABV mark where you might expect to find one. In some ways, they could be considered a mid-strength or session barleywine, with English examples typically pushing the malt balance and America’s take asserting hop arrogance. The first Experimental… Read more
American Strong Ale
74 IBU

Available from the brewery and select WA retailers and venues

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