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Otherside Brewing Co

Blaikie Street
WA 6154

Open Hours

Wednesday: 3pm to 9pm
Thurs & Fri: 3pm to 9pm
Saturday: 11am to 9pm
Sunday: 11am to 8pm

“What if we could ‘can’ this feeling?”

That’s where Otherside Brewing Co started out: surrounded by the noise, sunshine, energy and shared experience of the summer festival season, something upon which the brewery’s owners had built a very successful career.

Within two years of being hit with this lightning bolt of inspiration, the brewery had debuted its Festive Ale – geddit? – to thousands of music lovers as well as building a 20-hectolitre brewery in a Myaree light industrial unit not far from its Fremantle birthplace.

Given its origins, there will be little surprise there's an approachable and fun-loving spirit running through everything Otherside does, not least the beers they describe as “Beers that keep the conversation going, not become part of it.”

The core range of beer is built upon a mainstage lineup of drinkability that runs from a classic lager through to an anthemic IPA, with names that often riff on – pun intended – musical themes. The core lineup is ably supported by the Experimental and Creative series and the brewery has shone brightly at multiple awards, enjoying both medal and Champion Trophy successes at the likes of the Perth Royal, The Indies and the Royal Adelaide.

The brewery bar is as colourful as the people behind the venture: walls are covered in large murals or plastered in posters from the music side of the wider operation; furniture is a mélange that runs from crates and benches to reclaimed metal chairs and trestles; at its centre is a unique circular bar set against the backdrop of the brewery around which are laid bricks bearing the names of "Beer Tycoons" who've invested in the venture.

It's open from Wednesday to Sunday and features all the hits on tap plus its very own food truck too that offers a different menu inspired by a different part of the world every week – check the brewery website or Facebook to see what’s cooking what when – and the kids’ area is sure to keep the smallest Otherside enthusiasts entertained.

Takeaway cans and growlers fills are available, as are memberships to become an Otherside Tycoon so you can garner invites to exclusive beer events, have input into future releases and more.

With a background in music and the arts, the team behind the brewery is keen to give back to the creative community. Their Tapped by Otherside program contributes a percentage of all sales to support local artists.

To help continue to support their good beer mission, Otherside’s parent business Triple-1-Three opened Freo.Social in 2019 inside Freo's historic Artillery Drill. Beyond pouring Otherside brews and hosting events with one of the best acoustic set ups in WA, Freo.Social is also home to a growing number of Otherside curated mini-festivals like mid-year’s Darker Days and Hazy Days. These feature exclusive releases on a theme from similarly minded West Australian breweries.

That thriving sibling venue was then followed by the crew taking over the legendary Mojo's Bar which has welcomed some of Australia's and the world's finest musicians over its long history. Better yet, you can now check in to the Otherside Brewlounge inside Terminal 2 of Perth Airport, ensuring the first and last taste of beer for many will be produced by bonafide locals who give back to their home state.

And, if all of that wasn’t enough, in late 2023 Triple-1-Three welcomed West Leederville’s Nowhereman Brewing into the fold, in the process becoming step-siblings with Otherside. The pair's shared support of the arts, entertainment and social conscience, plus fine frothies, make for a genial relationship that sees Otherside beers pouring at Nowhereman's brewpub.

Born out of festival, the ethos ensures that while it sure may busy on the other side, but it’s a lot of fun!

Guy Southern

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Core Range

Otherside Brewing Co No-Fi
Non-Alc Lager
Otherside Brewing Co Classic
Aussie Lager
Otherside Brewing Co Cloudburst Hazy IPA
Hazy IPA
Otherside Brewing Co Festive Ale
Session Ale
Otherside Brewing Co Harvest Red Ale
Red Ale
Otherside Brewing Co Anthem IPA
West Coast IPA

Limited Releases

Otherside Brewing Slight Stout, Vinyl & Redliner
Light Stout, Black IPA & Red IIPA
2.7% & 7.5% & 7.5%
Otherside Brewing Sabbath 2024
Pastry Stout
Otherside Oaked Pilsner, Gilded Ale, Rice IPA & Terpene Oatcream
Various Styles As Indicated
5.2% & 4.4% & 6.6% & 6.8%
Otherside Brewing's December 2023 Quartet
Various Styles As Indicated
2.3% & 4.7% & 8.2% & 3.5%
Nowhereman X Otherside Brewing Otherside Of Nowhere Hazy IPA
Hazy IPA
Otherside Brewing Headliner '23 & Cacao Brown
Double IPA & English Brown Ale
7.5% & 5.5%
Otherside X Copper & Oak Golden Hour West Coast XPA
West Coast XPA
Otherside Brewing Tanks A Lot
West Coast IPA
Otherside Brewing Vinyl & Redliner 2023
Black IPA & Imperial India Red Ale
Both 7.5%
Otherside Brewing Co Sabbath 2023
Pastry Stout
Otherside Brewing Session IPL & German Hazy
Session IPL & Hazy IPA
4.3% & 6.7%
Otherside NZ Liner, DDH Dip Pale & Shift Brewers Hazy NZIPA
NZ Double IPA, NZ DDH Pale & NZ Hazy IPA
7.5% & 5.4% & 8.2%
Otherside x Copper & Oak Primo Imperial Pilsner (& Others)
Imperial Pilsner
Otherside Headliner IIPA '22, NZ Pils & Strata Hazy
IIPA, NZ Pils & Hazy IPA
Otherside's June 2022 Quartet
Various Styles As Indicated
6.0% & 6.8% & 8.7% & 11.0%
Otherside Citra Dip Hop, The Fog & Redliner '22
West Coast IPA, Hazy IPA & Red IIPA
6.2% & 7.0% & 8.0%
Otherside & Boston Cloud Squeeze IPA
Hazy IPA
Otherside Little Red, Mosaic Cold IPA & Sabbath 2022
Mid-Strength Red Ale, Cold IPA & Pastry Stout
3.5% & 6.4% & 6.6%
Otherside Shift Brewers Experimental: NZ Double
NZ Double IPA
Otherside & Old Bridge Cellars Decadent
West Coast Juicy IPA
Otherside Nelson Sabro IPA & Belgian Amburana Ale
Oat Cream IPA & Spiced Belgian Ale
7.4% & 6.2%
Otherside & Cellarbrations Carlisle / Vic Park Happy Place
Juicy Pale Ale
Otherside Brewing Co's October Quartet
Various Styles
11.0% & 5.6% & 12.0% & 6.0%
Otherside Brewing Co Headliner IIPA 2021
Double IPA
Otherside Brewing Co's May Quartet
Pastry Stout, RIS, IPA & RIIPA
6.5%, 10.5%, 7.2% & 8.8%
Otherside Brewing Co Triple Juicy WCIPA & Cherry Slurpee Sour
Juicy West Coast IIIPA &B Cherry Pastry Sour
11.0% & 6.5%
Otherside Brewing Co Distortion 2021: Sabro Sour & DDH Oat Cream Pale Ale
Sabro Sour & DDH Oat Cream Pale
6.0% & 5.4%
Otherside Brewing Co Tipo Pilsner
Italian Pilsner
Otherside Brewing Co West Coast IIPA
West Coast IIPA
Otherside, The Dutch Trading Co & North Street Store Big Loaf
American Strong Ale
Otherside Brewing Co Headliner 2020, DDH Sabro Oat Cream IPA, Triple Vinyl & Mango Raspberry Slurpee Sour
IIPA, Oat Cream IPA, TBIPA & Imperial Fruit Cream Sour
8.0% & 7.1% & 10.2% & 7.5%
Otherside Brewing Co Creative Releases: Sabbath 2020
Pastry Stout
Otherside Brewing Co Plan C
Session Ale
Otherside Brewing Co Experimental Series: DDH AU.NZ Oat Cream IPA
Oat Cream IPA
Otherside Brewing Co Juicy West Coast IIPA & Russian Imperial Stout
IIPA & Russian Imperial Stout
8.4% & 9.8%
Otherside Brewing Co Imperial Sour
Imperial Fruited Berliner Weisse
Otherside Brewing Co DDH Oat Cream IPA
DDH Oat Cream IPA
Otherside Brewing Co Creative Series: Distortion Peach Sour
Peach Sour
Otherside Brewing Co Seasons Greetings US IPA
American IPA
Otherside Brewing Co Indie XPA
Otherside Brewing Co DDH Hazy IPA & Catharina Sour
IPA & Fruit Sour
6.8% & 5.2%
Otherside Brewing Co Creative Series: Feedback India Helles Lager
Indie Pale Lager
Otherside Brewing Co Experimental Series: Amchoor & Sencha Sour
Spiced Sour
Otherside Brewing Co Grapefruit & Citrus Anthem & NZ IPA
Citrus IPA / NZ IPA
6.2% & 6.5%
Otherside Brewing Co Triple Harvest
Imperial Red Ale
Otherside Brewing Co Creative Releases Headliner Double IPA
Double IPA
Otherside Brewing Co Experimental Series: Barley Wine
Otherside Brewshed Debut Releases
Various styles
Otherside Brewing Co Experimental Series: DDH Super Dry IPA
Otherside Brewing Co Experimental Series: BBA Imperial Stout
Barrel-Aged Imperial Stout
Otherside Brewing Co Imperial Harvest
Imperial Red Ale
Otherside Brewing Pilot Series: Distortion Kettle Sour
Kettle Sour
Otherside Brewing Co Experimental Series: Banana Shake IPA
Milkshake IPA
Otherside Brewing Co Experimental Series: Golden Ale
Belgian Strong Golden Ale
Otherside Brewing Co Scotch Ale
Bourbon Barrel-Aged Scotch Ale
Otherside Brewing Co DDH Anthem
DDH West Coast IPA
Otherside Brewing Co Experimental Series Red Creaming Sour
New World Sour
Otherside Brewing Co Pilot Series: Break Antipodean Pale Ale
Pale Ale
Otherside Brewing Co Lo-Fi Citrus Wheat
American Wheat
Otherside Brewing Co Experimental Series Strong Ale
American Strong Ale
Otherside Brewing Co Social – SUPERSEDED
Munich Lager