Otherside Brewing Co Plan C

Otherside Brewing Co

Published April 23, 2020

Otherside’s response to the coronavirus pandemic has featured a rethink of what craftier beer might mean for punters in challenging times. Sure, it would be easy for many to reach for something cheaper and mass produced, but what if there was an alternative which kept production costs to an absolute minimum, including the label, but didn’t jettison flavour altogether; or, as Otherside put it: “a simple ale to get you through”.

Using all Australian malt and hops there’s plenty to enjoy here, most of all its simplicity, which may be quite a snapback for those deep in the world of haze and big dumb beers. Here, Plan C stands for an easy-drinker with some malt sweetness, light bitterness, and citrus and tropical notes from Australian Galaxy and Cascade hops.

Guy Southern

Session Ale

Available from the brewery and WA Liquor Barons outlets.

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