Tallboy & Moose Trifecta

Tallboy and Moose

Published July 22, 2022

Tallboy & Moose have clearly been busy with their barrels. Not content with just releasing a 30 percent ABV whisky-soaked eisbock, in the same week they’ve also blended together Trifecta. The brewery made it to pay tribute to the long history of strong British stock ales, with the blended beer making use of three different barrel-aged beers that range from one to two years in age.

It makes for quite a meld of flavours, and what immediately comes to mind is something grabbed from the bakery aisle of a bougie supermarket, with marzipan, Christmas cake and raisin toast forming Trifecta’s first trifecta of flavours. Of course, what would any of those lunchtime desserts be (OK, we’re stretching this metaphor when it comes to raisin toast) without a heavy drink to enjoy with it? Here, a mix of sweet vanilla, stewed berries and dark cherries sitting somewhere between rum and a Port all induce that post-meal tipple.

Will Ziebell

Barrel-Aged Blended Stock Ale
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