Ballistic Beer Co After 5

Ballistic Beer Co Salisbury

Published September 25, 2022

After 5 Brew is a collaboration between Ballistic Beer and the Australian tour of 9 to 5 The Musical. Which means I really had no choice about how to write up this ginger beer…

Doing my job just writin’ ‘bout brewskis,
Boss ain’t the only one I’m working to please,
There’s also a horde of punters who read along.

Ballistic delivers some ginger beer to taste
I throw it in the fridge to chill it down post haste
So I can tell you ‘bout it with this song…

Drinking 9 to 5 in the evening – this is living!
Only 3.5, it’s the drink that keeps on giving.
It’s a spicy take, like comments you read on Reddit,
And apparently it’s low carb – Ballistic said it!

9 to 5 – kinda sweet, but not a lolly.
It is tasting fine – I know it ain’t brewed by Dolly.
And I don’t know why musicals are in my beer
But I’ll sing along, even if nobody hears!

Mick Wüst

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