Ballistic Beer Black Forest Birthday Cake Stout

Ballistic Beer Co Salisbury

Published March 6, 2021

Ballistic Beer Co is one brand that’s grown to three locations over five years, with an abundance of excellent beers and countless satisfied customers. That’s worth celebrating.

For their fifth birthday, the Ballistic team have made themselves a cake: a Black Forest Birthday Cake Stout that promises decadence all the way down, from the description to the can design.

But does it do what it says on the label?

I poured my friend a glass of this beer and handed it to him without telling him what it was. He inhaled deeply and said: “Smells like a Black Forest gateau. Smells like liqueur. Smells like cherries. Smells like chocolate cake.”

Yes, Ballistic pulled it off.

Like the tiered gateau we all have in mind now, this stout has layers – a complex grain bill sets up the velvety feel like folds of chocolate cake batter; the chocolate, vanilla and lactose additions make it richer than Solomon, and provide the equivalent of creamy dark chocolate ganache coating the outside of the cake; and, finally, the cherries have brought a liqueur-esque resonance that cuts through all and brings a pleasant blush to your cheeks.

Happy birthday, Ballistic. Have fun stuffing your face with cake.

Mick Wust

Black Forest Stout
12 IBU
Ballistic Beer Co Salisbury

53 McCarthy Road
QLD 4107

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