Modus Beer Hazy 3.5

Modus Beer

Published November 24, 2022

Mid-strengths with flavour is a category brewers have been trying to crack for a long time, and the last few years have seen a number of success stories. This is one of them: big aroma and big spritziness in a little beer.

The haze in Hazy 3.5 is of the subtle kind rather than the light-blocking kind: if you look into the liquid carefully you can still see the bubbles, rising furiously to the top to release their fruitful aroma. Pineapple and passionfruit burst into the air, showing off the notes of Galaxy, Mosaic and Vic Secret. These hit the tastebuds with a gentle grace as the carbonation dances across your tongue, before it all whips away for a crisp finish.

The first iteration of Hazy 3.5 was released in early 2022, before the mid-strength was added to the core range at the end of the year as Modus unveiled their refreshed branding.

Mick Wüst

Hazy Mid-Strength
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