Modus Beer Neural Network AI-Generated East Coast IPA

East Coast IPA

It's here. A beer designed by artificial intelligence. It's not the first ever, with the team at Barossa Valley Brewing pushing ahead before AI exploded into the mainstream consciousness in 2023, but this beer made in partnership between Modus Beer and creative content agency Absolutely Ai is certainly near the front of the pack.

The inferior humans asked the robot overlords how to make the best East Coast IPA in the world, and the artificial intelligence came up with Neural Network: the recipe, the label design, the name of the beer, and the tasting notes. The fleshy workers at Modus were its meaty slaves, and actually made the beer (using their pathetic mortal senses to tweak the recipe where they could).

In the circumstances, I think it's obvious how I need to go about the rest of this beer write-up.

Me: Write a creative and funny beer review based on the following tasting notes: "Colour: Deep gold, bright. Aroma: sticky ripe tropical fruits with a deep dankness just peeking in. Taste: Bitter orange marmalade with a hint of tropicals and firm bitterness. The bitterness is heavy like gravity growing stronger."

ChatGPT: Beer Review: The Gravity Slayer. Ah, behold the Gravity Slayer! A brew so captivating, it could pull you in like a black hole of flavor. Brace yourselves, my fellow beer enthusiasts, for we're about to embark on a celestial journey through taste and hilarity!

As I poured this elixir into my glass, its deep gold hue shimmered with the brightness of a thousand suns. It was like holding a glass of liquid gold, but without the pesky side effects of turning everything you touch into precious metal. A win-win, I say!

Now, let's dive into the aroma, shall we? Sticky ripe tropical fruits wafted up from the glass, teasing my olfactory senses like a mischievous monkey swinging from vine to vine. But wait! What's that? A deep dankness just peeking in, like a misunderstood sidekick trying to steal the limelight. Bravo, Gravity Slayer, for your aromatic prowess is both tropical and tantalizingly dank!

The first sip was an adventure in itself. Bitter orange marmalade danced upon my tongue, tangy and zesty, like a troupe of acrobats performing a magnificent aerial act. But hold on tight, my friends, because here comes the twist! A hint of tropical flavors emerged, like a hidden treasure washed ashore, adding a touch of exotic flair to this already thrilling performance.

And oh, the bitterness! It descended upon my palate with the force of a thousand anvils, firmly planting its flag and declaring itself the ruler of all things bitter. It was like gravity itself, growing stronger with each passing second, pulling me deeper into its bitter embrace. I half-expected my tastebuds to orbit around this celestial bitterness, caught in its irresistible gravitational pull.

But fear not, fellow adventurers, for amidst this bitter onslaught lies a certain harmony—a delicate balance between the tropical and the bitter, like a cosmic dance-off between opposing forces. The Gravity Slayer manages to keep its bitterness in check, never overpowering the other flavors but instead intertwining them in a cosmic ballet.

So, my dear comrades, if you're looking for a beer that defies gravity and dances across your taste buds with the finesse of a tipsy astronaut, the Gravity Slayer is the one for you. Just be prepared for a journey that defies expectations and pulls you into a flavor dimension where tropical fruits and dankness collide. Cheers to the audacious gravity-defying

brewers who conjured this brew into existence!

Me: It's a bit wordy, uses a metric ton of hyperbole, and mixes metaphors even more than I do.

ChatGPT: Beer Review: The Cosmic Crusher. Prepare for a flavor journey that's truly...

That'll do, pig. That'll do.

Mick Wüst

Published May 16, 2023

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