Reckless X Akasha Helen Red XPA

Reckless Brewing

Published March 8, 2023

We are Reckless, hear us roar,
With every glass of beer we pour,
You taste our values as you sip, and sip again.

Brewed by women, drunk by all;
Equality is at our core.
No matter who you are, come drink with us as friends.

Reckless is a woman-led-and-run brewery that’s never been afraid to fly the equality flag high, whether that’s in the form of this blog post or a beer paying tribute to the singer of one of the great anthems of feminism.

Helen Red XPA* is a collab between Reckless and Akasha for International Women’s Day. It shines the deepest gold struck through with rusty red and holds its head high (that is, has long-lasting foam). Biscuit-backed fruit flavours remind me of some of those Arnott’s cream biscuits, like Orange Slice, Monte Carlo and Lemon Crisp.** But unlike those biscuits, this flavour doesn’t hang around in your mouth for ages afterwards – it whisks away for a clean, dry finish, making this a delightfully sessionable beer.

Proceeds from Helen Red XPA are going towards the Centre West Women’s Health Centre.

Mick Wüst

*If you were expecting me to discuss the illogical nomenclature of a red XPA (“How can an EXTRA PALE ale be RED?”), you’re in the wrong place. I’ll take a red IPA, a red XPA, a red witbier, a red stout… whatever you got. Red beer > logic.
**Yes, I’m well aware these three biscuits taste quite different from each other. No, I don’t want to hear your impassioned speech for or against any of them.

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