Reckless Brewing

When your brewery name is an adjective, you’ve got a question to answer: is it a fitting description of your brewery?

So: is Reckless Brewing as reckless as the name suggests?

The answer is yes… and no.

Yes, because it was started by three friends who threw caution to the wind and entered the highly-competitive brewing industry off the back of “We love beer!”…

…but they are well-equipped people who followed this up with considered decision-making. Within the team of three – Grace, Jarrod and Alice – they bring brewing expertise and business experience to bear, as well as a focus on consistency and quality.

There’s a mix of personalities in the crew, so the joyful abandon of one person is always balanced by the careful analysis of another. One makes a list and checks it off one item at a time, while another member charges ahead excitedly; someone dives in headfirst, but someone else has already done a depth check.

In their words: “Take a chance, be adventurous, but not stupid.” (Apparently, “Recklessness Within Reason Brewing Co” was already taken.)

So, what does this all mean for the beer?

Each beer begins life with Jarrod and Alice throwing out ideas like “Summer!” “Friendship!” “Rainbows!” and Grace, the head brewer, develops a recipe to match (and somehow captures these vibes perfectly). The aim is always to make flavoursome, hop-forward beers, but with a focus on being approachable and suited to the Aussie climate.

“Whatever we produce has to be easy to drink, no matter how complex,” Jarrod says. “There is a way to give people these flavours from the outset without being in your face.”

The Reckless crew have no interest in blending in; as a proudly female-led brewery in a male-dominated industry, they’re happy to stand out in the crowd. So, while their beers are easy-drinking, they refuse to make boring beers that don’t do the independent beer scene justice. They have a habit of dumping large amounts of hops into each brew late in the process, with the result of pumping out beers that positively sing with high aroma and low bitterness, setting them apart from many traditional “gateway” beers. The distinctive bright colours of their tinnies help them to stand out in the fridge, too.

As a brewing company without its own home, the Reckless brand is all about the vibe of the people who make it and the people who drink it. It transcends place, and yet carries characteristics of where it comes from. It has the buzzing but effortless cool of Sydney’s Inner West, that global hotspot of independent brewing where Reckless was launched and continues to be brewed, but also the relaxed nature of the small regional town where Jarrod and Grace live. (See these vibes come together in the videos they filmed during COVID lockdown, where they talk tasting notes and hop varieties in the middle of nowhere three hours from Sydney.)

Think street graffiti and peaceful sunsets; dive bars with strangers and barbecues with mates.

Of course, you don’t need to know the story of Reckless to drink their beer. You might find the bold-coloured cans catching your eye. You might get a chance to taste one of their bold-flavoured beers. But, whether it’s the vibrance of the palette or the vibrance on the palate that draws you in, once Reckless grabs your attention it doesn’t let go.

Mick Wust

Reckless Brewing

Sydney-based brewing company

0407 945 621
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Reckless Brewing Regulars

Reckless Brewing Pale Ale

This is the darling of the Reckless line-up - the beer that started it all. It took 18 trial brews over almost two years for the Reckless crew to get this beer to where it is today, but once they were there, they knew they’d hit on something special; their Pale Ale strikes that chord of approachability and complexity that they were after. Grace the head brewer built this beer upon three of her favourite hops - Simcoe, Galaxy, and Citra. From the instant this beer pours into the glass, big orange… Read more
Pale Ale

Reckless Brewing Specials

Akasha & Reckless Frida XPA

Tapped March 11, 2021
Brewed to coincide with International Women's Day 2021, Frida is a collaboration with fellow Sydneysiders, Reckless Brewing. Named after the early 20th century Mexican artist, icon and all-round legendary figure, Frida Kahlo, this is a bright and tropical XPA that somewhat belies the deeply serious and, frankly, disgraceful level of gender inequality that still exists in this country and the world at large. Really, it’s a testament to Grace, Alice, Katy, Alex, Nichole and all the other women associated… Read more

Reckless Brewing Summer IPA

Tapped February 1, 2021
Does this beer feel summer-y because it’s called Summer IPA? Or was it named that because it feels summer-y? I don’t know and I don’t care. What I do know is that Reckless’ first limited release carries as much summer as Endless Summer played on loop ad nauseum.† It smells like someone has opened a packet of Starburst Chews, unwrapped every individual lolly, and then thrown them all at your head. If you like the idea of drinking overripe stone fruit, juicy blueberries, tangy passionfruit… Read more

Reckless Brewing Red IPA

In March 2020, the Reckless crew were just about to brew a big batch of a sessionable beer when it became clear that Australia was about to go into lockdown. So at the last minute, they decided to change tack and go with a smaller batch of a bigger beer - thus the Red IPA was born almost by accident. And what a happy accident it is. While it’s heavy by Reckless standards, this beer is lighter than many red IPAs; it’s fresh and zippy rather than sticky or syrupy. Even the colour is quite light,… Read more
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