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News The Big Issue: Exploitation

The agreed line is that craft beer is a resoundingly good thing. And that working in the industry means you're the luckiest person alive. Yet what happens when someone's goodwill or eagerness to be part of it is exploited beyond all reasonable limits? Here, Kerry McBride peers beneath the ···

News The Big Issue: The Canned Wagon Pt II

Earlier in the week, we examined the phenomenal renaissance being enjoyed by cans in the beer industry. Part one of our Big Issue feature looked at the history of beer in cans and spoke to some of those who have helped bring them back to prominence. Today, Marie Claire Jarratt delves deeper in the company ···

News The Big Issue: The Canned Wagon Pt I

Last year saw plenty of craft beer trends come and go, but nothing seemed to grow in popularity quite like canned beer. In 2016, the number of Australian breweries putting beer into cans more than doubled from the previous year, while the number of beers available in cans to make last week's GABS Hottest ···

News Hottest 100 Aussie Craft Beers of 2016: Analysis

The GABS Hottest 100 Aussie Craft Beers of 2016 is done and dusted for another year. It's given us a repeat winner, much debate online and now, as in past years, an opportunity to look at what the voting patterns say about the Australian beer scene today. Before we get into this year's analysis it's ···

News Our Man in NZ: Moa's Changing Fortunes

Our new Kiwi correspondent, Jono Galuszka, kicks off his monthly feature series by sitting down with one of the most controversial figures in New Zealand beer.  Geoff Ross, CEO of Moa Brewing Company, has led the brewery through brand revamps, listing on the NZ stock exchange and a fair ···

News The Crafty Pint’s Top Stories of 2016

We've completed our look back at the year just gone via 2016's Best New Beers (according to our panels, at least) and had a look at what the year ahead may hold. But, as the craft beer world prepares to launch into another big year, we've got one more reflective post for you. This time, we take ···

News Through The Looking Glass

There are more breweries and brewing companies in Australia than at any time in the country's history. Brewers are making a phenomenally kaleidoscopic range of beers, and quality, for the most part, is on the up. Beer lovers can indulge their every whim at more venues and festivals than ever before too. ···

News The Big Issue: Crowdfunding Pt II

Earlier this week, we ran the first part of our look at crowdfunding in the Australian craft beer world. It's something that has become an increasingly popular method of raising capital, for projects big and small and for both new businesses and those that are already established. Part one looked at ···

News The Big Issue: Crowdfunding Pt I

Crowdfunding has become an increasingly popular method of raising capital among Australian craft beer businesses – both those looking to enter the market and existing businesses wanting to expand. With the Australian government considering the introduction of equity crowdfunding here next year, ···

News The Big Issue: Gotta Catch 'Em All II

Yesterday, we looked at the issue of beer collecting: the sometimes relentless chasing, recording and rating of new, rare and hyped brews. Today, we invite players in different parts of the beer world to tell us where they sit on the issue.  Does a heavy reliance on Untappd or other social media ···

News The Big Issue: Gotta Catch 'Em All

As beer collecting and rating sites gain traction in the craft beer community to the point that it’s a borderline addiction for some, it seems all too apt that Pokémon has returned to the collective consciousness. Rare beers, barrel-aged versions and special releases abound, and the Pokémon battle ···

News The Big Issue: Water Sustainability

Nothing else is more important to life on this planet than water. Even through the rigours of the industrial age, and in spite of its fragility and finite nature, water continues to support life with aplomb – for now, at least. Yet it's impossible to shake the impression water is as taken ···

News The Big Issue: Hops

Hops. Most brewers love them. The vast majority of craft beer drinkers can't get enough of them. Growers the world over are developing new varieties and expanding their farms as fast as they can. And new growers are trying to get in on the act as quickly as they can. The problem: there's ···

News The Big Issue: Quality

As the craft beer industry and the audience for its beers grows, is there anything more crucial to its ongoing success than quality? With more people than ever before stepping away from mainstream beers to try something new, their first experience needs to be a good one otherwise they may be put off ···

News The Big Issue: Branding

There could be all manner of factors that sway your next beer purchase. You might be after something low in alcohol because you're driving or in the mood for something particularly hoppy or sour. Maybe it's based on a recommendation from a mate or a website, maybe it's driven by your love of a particular ···

News The Big Issue: Ownership

When was the last time a week passed without news breaking of a major brewery taking a significant stake or complete ownership of a craft brewer, either here or overseas? As the tectonic plates of the global beer industry continue to shift as never before, such moves happen with growing frequency. So ···

News The Big Issue: Ownership Infographic

Today, we launch a two-part series looking at the issue of ownership in the Australian beer world. As well as seeking the views of various people in the industry, we have compiled this infographic showing who's behind some small Australian brands. You can read the full article here and look out for ···

News Blog of the Month: Beer Is Your Friend

From music webzine editor to newspaper journo to beer blogger – all the while becoming ever more fascinated with great beer – Glen Humphries has spent a life writing, with Beer Is Your Friend his beer blog. It’s one that allows him to pontificate, cheerlead, review and query in equal ···

News Hop Rockin'

Anyone who has paid even the slightest attention to Boatrocker since the brewery’s first beer appeared will be well aware that its founder, Matt Houghton, is pretty fond of hops. The first beer, Alpha Queen, took its name from the alpha acids found in them, their gold medal-winning pilsner was ···


Dainton Family Brewery Is Hiring A Bar Manager

As well as knocking out a diverse and colourful lineup of beers, Dainton Family Brewery operates a bar ···

Hawkers Is Hiring In Sydney

Hawkers has enjoyed one of the liveliest starts to life of any new brewery in Australia. Now, having ···

Staff Wanted at Sydney Bottleshop

Cutty Cellars operates three of the best stocked bottleshops in Sydney. If you'd like to join the team ···