Sunday Road Italian Keller Pils & Lost Compass Hazy IPA

Italian Pilsner & Hazy IPA
5.3% & 7.2%

The Lombardia region in Italy has brought us many fine things: Milanese fashion, supremely delicious cheeses, and Pliny the Elder and his early writings describing hops. And, of course, Lombardia also brought us the Italian pilsner, first brewed in Como in the 90s.

Sunday Road's Italian Keller Pils is their interpretation of the style, one that takes its start from the classic German pils and then treats it to a dry-hopping to boost their impact on the finished liquid. In this case, they've hopped it with Saphir, giving their pils an aroma that is lightly citrusy with a hint of spice. On the palate, it's delicate and bright, with malt notes of water cracker and a hint of honey, lovely tangerine and lemon citrus flourishes from the hops, and a slightly peppery spice.

Not all who wander are lost, so they say, and sometimes the journey is the destination. They're great platitudes until you actually do lose your compass and realise you have no earthly idea how to navigate by the sun, no clue how moss might help you find your way, and don't know where the nearest body of water is. At that point, maybe you might just be a little lost. And not in any sort of fun way, either, but in the panicky, why didn't I charge my phone kind of way.

The much safer version of losing your compass is to grab a can of Sunday Road's Lost Compass, a hazy IPA dry hopped with Lorien, Galaxy & Amarillo. Boasting the lovely aroma of a tropical fruit salad, this hazy is very fruity and slightly sweet, with overripe pineapple and papaya, bright orangey, grapefruity citrus, and a touch of sweet melon that leans towards fairy floss. There's a touch of dank and pine lurking in the thick, soft haze as well, plus a light but lingering bitterness as it finishes.

Jakkii Musgrave

Published August 11, 2023

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