Sunday Road The Holidays Coffee Lager

Sunday Road Brewing

Released December 3, 2020

Day three in Beer Cartel’s 2020 Beer Advent Calendar gave punters a coffee lager in a bad Christmas sweater label. What a way to get into the holiday spirit.

The Holidays has a beautiful reddy hue with a wildly fluffy head, and looks like you’ve just dropped a scoop of ice cream into a glass of cola. Single origin cold brew gives this beer not just a coffee hit, but sweet, vanilla, almost buttery notes. Think less bitter black coffee and more sweet creamy Tiramisu.

But don’t expect a dessert beer. The sweetness in the mouth is subtle, and the body is neither thick nor heavy - just right for Christmas in Australia. It just has that light stickiness in the mouth that you find in a malt forward Euro-style lager, leaving you touching your tongue to the roof of your mouth over and over.

While a coffee stout might be a bit much after a Christmas feast, this clean coffee lager is just the thing for after you’ve stuffed yourself silly but somehow keep wanting to put things in your gluttonous mouth - which we all know is the real way to celebrate Christmas.

Mick Wust

Coffee Lager
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