Sunday Road Some Velvet Morning Oat Cream Stout

Sunday Road Brewing

Released June 29, 2021

I looked up the song Some Velvet Morning to see if I could weave some lyrics into this write-up. All the mentions of Phaedra and dragonflies and daffodils left me utterly confused. I then read that Nancy Sinatra once said on stage, “I’ve been singing this song for over 20 years and I still don’t know what the damned thing means.” I felt a little better.

This stout isn’t confusing at all. While I know Sunday Road worked hard in the brewing to balance the blend of oats and roasted malts and lactose to get to the final product, the drinking experience is quite straightforward.

There’s a defined bitterness, like that cutting bitterness you get in an espresso that’s just started to cool down. There’s a subtle sweetness, like the spoonful of sugar in that same espresso that barely pokes through among the oils and the rich crema, but you know is playing its part. There’s the slight warmth in the chest, the smooth roastiness, the tongue-blanketing feeling.

The one unexpected thing it brought was that deep, even aroma of wood that infiltrates right through to the highest part of your sinuses when you open a large cedar chest. Comforting and familiar. Kind of like that song...

Mick Wust

Oat Cream Stout
36 IBU
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