Sunday Road Brewing

We all look forward to Sundays for various reasons.

For some of us, it’s the day of rest: sitting back, relaxing, and doing as little as possible. For some, it’s the chance to spend time with the people we love: friends, family, anyone who gives a sense of acceptance and belonging.

For others, Sundays are the time to work on our passion: fun, adventure, accomplishment. It’s fine to break a sweat and get sore and tired, because at the end of the day we’re satisfied with what we achieved.

Sunday Road Brewing is about looking forward to the best day of the week. That’s what founder Brad Walker used to do in his homebrewing days.

“I’d brew every Sunday, ‘cause that was the day I had off. So it was always just hanging for Sunday. The path, the road to Sunday.”

Now Brad uses Sundays to enjoy the natural beauty of the Sutherland Shire with his young family. And he spends the rest of the week making beers we can all enjoy as we look forward to doing the things we love. Or while we do the things we love. Or after.

Hiking for a couple of hours along the Coast Track in Royal National Park? Crack a Coast Track Lager at the end to cool off. Spending the day basking in the quiet of Blackwoods Beach? Let a Blackwoods Pale keep you company.

Of course, Sunday Road beers aren’t only for the outdoorsy types. A Sunseeker red IPA is just as enjoyable on a Friday night in the buzzing Sunday Road taproom in Kirrawee, and even non-surfers who prefer to be dry, warm, and comfortable can knock back a 6ft & Offshore IPA.

But, if you head to the brewery, it’s difficult to escape the call of the wild as you’re brought into the world of Sunday Road: strong forest green covers just about every surface, and the walls are one giant mural of the Royal National Park’s coastline.

Sunday Road sings the praises of Sydney’s south and all it has to offer, from the Coast Track that winds along the cliffs with stunning views of the South Pacific, to the talented local artists whose work is showcased on the mezzanine level of the taproom. The brewery also gets heavily involved with the community, sponsoring mountain biking clubs, connecting with the Shire’s sporting clubs, and always aiming to collaborate with local businesses.

The brewery has a different feel to, say, the breweries of the Inner West. While you will find Sunday Road putting out a wide range of limited releases, like their Coffee Lager and Cryotherapy NEIPA, they’re not aiming to release a crazy new flavour every week. Head brewer Mick O’Rance, whose 20 years’ brewing experience includes Malt Shovel, BentSpoke and Goose Island, loves seeing people go back for the same beer again and again and again. For him, the mark of a good beer is one to which that people want to return.

“My first preference is to make a beer that people can appreciate and go back to time and time again,” Mick says. “A beer that’s innovative, accessible and always interesting. If we can get drinkers to appreciate the flavours and methods that go into each drop, then walk away feeling happy, I’ve done my job.”

He makes sure his beers are flavourful and balanced – the flagship Enigma Ale is a prime example – and as a result people consistently walk out of the brewery with a case of beer in their hands and a smile on their face.

Owner Brad Walker says he loves having a brewery in the Shire: “We’ve got a huge local following, as locals love us as their fridge beer… we’re their go-to. For their day in, day out beer, they’re happy to come in and buy fresh Coast Track, Blackwoods or Enigma.

“There’s such a great buzz around the brewery when we release a new beer. We think we’ve got the balance right, and also have big plans as our brewery continues to grow and develop new, exciting beers… watch this space.”

Because the truth is Sunday Road’s beers are quite versatile: you can knock back some tinnies after a surf, drink by the schooner at the brewery with woodfired pizza from a food truck, or pair with oysters at a fancy seafood restaurant.

They’re designed to help you relax and socialise on a Sunday… or on any of the other days of the week as you look forward to Sunday.

Mick Wust

Sunday Road Brewing

147 Bath Road
NSW 2232

(02) 9545 2827
Open Hours

Mon to Fri: 9am to 5pm
Brewhouse Open
Thursday: 3pm to 9pm
Fri & Sat: midday to 10pm
Sunday: midday to 9pm


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Sunday Road Brewing Regulars

Sunday Road Enigma Ale

Not too many breweries will lean on a single hop for a core range beer, but this take on an Australian pale is Sunday Road’s flagship. Founder Brad Walker first made it in his homebrewing days; at a time when everyone else was climbing over each other to get their hands on Galaxy hops, he was looking for something different. He found Enigma. It was the first beer he brewed together with now head brewer Mick O’Rance, who joined him in his garage in the early days of their acquaintance to brew… Read more
Single Hop Pale Ale

Sunday Road Coast Track Lager

Each of Sunday Road’s core beers has its own following. While this one is named for the hiking trail that runs the coastline of the Royal National Park, it’s the groups of mountain bikers in the Sutherland Shire who rush the bar and drain keg after keg of Coast Track Lager. Clear as an autumn sky and gold as the late afternoon sun, Coast Track isn’t the fizzy lager of yesteryear; rather, it carries a smooth, almost full mouthfeel. Like a good helles, it mixes the grainy sweetness of the malts… Read more
Pale Lager

Sunday Road Blackwoods Pale

Blackwoods Beach is one of those local secrets: a gorgeous stretch of sand the residents of Cronulla know and love, but tend to keep to themselves. Unluckily for Shire locals, there’s no keeping Blackwoods Pale to themselves. At a point where tropical fruit hops are all the rage, it’s almost surprising that an American pale ale like this would be so loved. It’s earthy and bitter and packs more oomph than most pales you’ll find these, but it’s still a beer that customers buy by the case… Read more
American Pale Ale

Sunday Road Cryotherapy Hazy IPA

When head brewer Mick O’Rance first brewed Cryotherapy, it was a simple enough idea: choose an addition of Cryo hops as the central focus, then fill out the malt bill and hop bill with whatever other ingredients are lying around. But it ended up being one of Sunday Road’s most popular beers; the brewery’s customers have slurped up every batch of the stuff almost as soon as it’s left the tank. Taking home the trophy for Best New World-Style Pale Ale at the 2021 AIBAs was just confirmation… Read more
Hazy IPA
22 IBU

Best New World-Style Pale Ale AIBA 2021

Sunday Road Vienna Lager

Does anyone else feel a bit impressed when they see a Vienna lager in a brewery’s core range? It’s a style that stands tall, looks at both the pale lager punters and the hop crazy punters, and says, “I’m not the beer you asked for. I’m the beer you should have asked for.” Sunday Road’s iteration is a fine example of the style, with that clean sessionability as well as that flavoursome maltiness. A soft foam and coppery body show off notes of golden syrup on wholemeal sourdough, with… Read more
Vienna Lager
23 IBU

Sunday Road Brewing Specials

Sunday Road Vacation Rental

Tapped June 29, 2021
There’s always something exciting about seeing a new beer style enter the arena. Sunday Road’s Vacation Rental is a cold IPA and the brewery believe it’s “one of the first to be brewed here on Australian turf”. For those of us without technical brewing knowledge, here’s a working definition of the style: a cold IPA brings together the light, clean, crisp body of a lager, and marries it with the punchy, intense, bitter hop character of an IPA. It uses lager yeast and New World hops, it… Read more
Cold IPA
45 IBU

Sunday Road Some Velvet Morning Oat Cream Stout

Tapped June 29, 2021
I looked up the song Some Velvet Morning to see if I could weave some lyrics into this write-up. All the mentions of Phaedra and dragonflies and daffodils left me utterly confused. I then read that Nancy Sinatra once said on stage, “I’ve been singing this song for over 20 years and I still don’t know what the damned thing means.” I felt a little better. This stout isn’t confusing at all. While I know Sunday Road worked hard in the brewing to balance the blend of oats and roasted malts and… Read more
Oat Cream Stout
36 IBU

Sunday Road Bigger Enigma & Dust From A Distant Sun

Tapped April 1, 2021
Between the clarity, the craftsmanship, and the awe-inspiring beauty, Bigger Enigma is what I imagine stained glass windows taste like. Sunday Road have hit five years of brewing, and this beer is how they’re celebrating. Since Enigma Ale was the brewery's first to market and remains their flagship, it’s only right for it to become the basis for their birthday beer with Bigger Enigma turning things up by containing twice the malt, twice the bitterness and four times the dry-hop of the original.… Read more
Double IPA & Double Oat Cream IPA
8.6% & 7.0%
60 IBU & 22 IBU

Sunday Road Over The Bridge

Tapped April 1, 2021
At the end of 2020 Kirrawee Bridge opened and now that it takes pedestrians over the Princes Highway, it’s no longer necessary to play a real-life game of Frogger to get from Sunday Road Brewing to the Prince Hotel. Walking between the two safely now takes just three minutes and twenty seconds (or 436 steps for those of you watching your Fitbits). That’s as good a reason as any to celebrate, right? Sunday Road and the Prince believe it is, so they teamed up to make Over The Bridge, a returning… Read more
Hazy Pale
18 IBU

Sunday Road The Holidays Coffee Lager

Tapped December 3, 2020
Day three in Beer Cartel’s 2020 Beer Advent Calendar gave punters a coffee lager in a bad Christmas sweater label. What a way to get into the holiday spirit. The Holidays has a beautiful reddy hue with a wildly fluffy head, and looks like you’ve just dropped a scoop of ice cream into a glass of cola. Single origin cold brew gives this beer not just a coffee hit, but sweet, vanilla, almost buttery notes. Think less bitter black coffee and more sweet creamy Tiramisu. But don’t expect a dessert… Read more
Coffee Lager

Sunday Road Lunar Eclipse Lager

Tapped November 11, 2020
This is a beer that surprised all kinds of people. It was released as part of the Eclipse Mixed Pack that HPA used to launch their newly-named Eclipse hop variety. But, while a number of the breweries made a mandarin juice bomb IPA to hold the hops up as the main star, Sunday Road decided to brew something a little different: a dark lager featuring Eclipse hops as an edgy side character. If all you'd known of lagers up to this point was light gold and low flavour, you’re in for a shock. In lower… Read more
Dark Lager

Sunday Road 6ft & Offshore IPA

Tapped October 27, 2020
How often, when you’re looking for a refreshing beer, do you turn towards an IPA? Or, to put it another way: how many IPAs have you had that are flavourful, but are also refreshing and sessionable? Not often, and not many. 6ft & Offshore is a zippy thing. At first impression, it seems like a standard West Coast IPA - clear in the glass from spending time in bright tank, and bringing punchy hop character on the nose in the form of candied orange and mandarin zest tied in with some some mango… Read more
West Coast IPA

Sunday Road Sunseeker Red IPA

There’s a real joy in seeing people enter the beer industry for the first time. But there’s also a pleasure in tasting the fruits of decades of experience. After 20 years in the game, Sunday Road’s head brewer Mick O’Rance is a seasoned vet who knows how to ensure his beers are made with finesse and balance. Take Sunseeker Red IPA, for instance. At time of writing, it has the biggest malt body of the Sunday Road portfolio, as well as the biggest dry hop. By all rights it could be a brutish… Read more