Little Bang Safe Space Volume 1, 2 & 3

Hazy IIPAs
All 8.4%

If you’re going to conduct an experiment, why not do it with some double IPAs? That’s the approach taken by Little Bang, whose Safe Space series features three IIPAs that all weigh in at 8.4 percent ABV but showcase different hops and brewing techniques to push unique aromatics and flavours out of those wonderful green thingos.

First up is Safe Space, which has already been a popular release from the brewery: a DDH hazy IPA filled with Mosaic, Nectaron and Citra. That mix of US and New Zealand hops provides a heavy touch of stonefruit, with nectarine particularly strong, while pine and more floral notes akin to a classic West Coast run across the beer's smooth and cloud-like body.

Volume 2, is a thiolised hazy IIPA which dives deeper into our beloved neighbour's territory thanks to its use of NZ Cascade and Peacharine. For the uninitiated, thiols are just about the most popular term in craft beer at the moment: the compounds are an essential part of what turns plant matter into figurative juice. By turning that thiol dial up, Little Bang have moved in a tropical direction with pineapple and mango juice the first thoughts coming to the mind, quickly followed by peach.

Lastly, Volume 3 is about Simcoe, Galaxy and Motueka and uses dip-hopping, a technique that takes certain compounds out of hop varieties – and which you can read more about here. Here, there's a ripe delight of citrus fruit like a freshly-squeezed orange has been chucked in the beer, while passionfruit and mango soon make their way into the Safe Space.

TLDR: science can be both fun and tasty.

Will Ziebell

Published April 4, 2024

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