Little Bang The Passion Of The Schwang & UFP 12: The Froth Element

Little Bang Brewing

Published December 15, 2020

The Schwang is back, rearing its beautiful sour, fruity head just in time for some warm weather and a season of partying and festivities. A large variety of fruit has featured under the Schwang banner, but not passionfruit – until now. It's found inside a low ABV, zingy, tart hot weather negator, with The Passion of the Schwang kettle soured before passionfruit was added to the fermenter.

Bright yellow in colour, there's a certain murky, pulpy cloudiness reminiscent of the fruit’s gooey interior. The juicy aroma is unmistakeable, as if there are several vines worth in every glass. Sweetness rears up early, before things turn tart, sour and dry, an experience that's both pleasantly juicy and seriously quaffable over multiple cans.

The Stepney brewers reference Luc Besson's bold and bonkers The Fifth Element (also referenced in Akasha's Korben D) for the twelfth entry in their Undercover Fashion Police series. The Froth Element gives Centennial, Denali and Lemondrop hops the starring role, creating a lovely bouquet of floral and citrus aromas, along with some orange and a little resin. An extremely soft mouthfeel and relatively light body make for an easy-drinking NEIPA in which bitterness is non-existent, officially sitting at 5.7 IBUs, which in turn allows for resinous, grassy, lime and rosewater flavours to meld with a little upfront sweetness, before things dry out a little on the back palate.

Matt King

Pass & NEIPA
3.0% & 5.2%
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