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Little Bang Brewing

Published December 20, 2020

It's a well known fact that Little Bang aren’t afraid to have a crack at different styles, even other types of booze. To complement the beer, they have their gin range, a few different wines of their own, and also a ginger beer. Zingibeer first surfaced in summer 2019 but previously had only been poured on tap at their venue. Now, in summer 2020, this 4.4 percent ABV alcoholic ginger beer can be enjoyed in can format, as well as on site, as it becomes a welcome – and typically eye-catching – addition to their already vast tinnie lineup.

Everything about Zingibeer sings ginger, from the aroma and flavour, but also the colour, pouring a light orange colour similar to the skin of ginger root. There's a fresh ginger spice on the nose, alongside a little earthiness. The first sip takes on a little sweetness, not overly sweet but just enough to balance out the decent spice hit from the ginger which lingers late in the back of the throat. Through the mid palate the earthiness returns with a little bready malt, before things finish with a gentle dryness.

Matt King

Ginger Beer
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