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Published April 16, 2020

May Contain Traces of Panther is Little Bang’s well known English porter that comes out of hibernation every year in the cooler months. Combine that with co-owner Ryan Davidson’s love for chilli and chilli sauce and what do you get? A chocolatey bum burner [Is that an official beer style, Matt? – Editor]. If you want to obtain some information about the beer, you'd might be advise to do a quick course in Spanish, as translating the label could be difficult otherwise. That said, fear not as we have translated it for you. It goes a little something like this:

The majestic panther in the dark, as silent and powerful as the smoke that floats among the jalapenos. The happy traveler has no idea what is in the delicious darkness, waiting. ?Chipotle fire is big and deadly like the panther!

The Chipotle Panther pours a dark brown with glimpses of red and not only smells dangerous but gives the eyes a slight sting from its intense chilli aroma. There's some smoke and a little chocolate on the nose too but the chipotle is not only super dominant, it warms you from a mere sniff. Whoa! The first sip is super hot, the spiciness making an instant impact, although some balance is provided by some chocolate sweetness and a layer of smoke. The heat kicks harder with every sip, clawing its way down the back of the throat as it goes. This Panther is one best enjoyed [Encountered? – Editor] in the depths of winter; make it the first beer of the night and there will be no need for a fire to keep you cosy.

Matt King

Smoked Chilli Chocolate Porter
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