Temple Midnight IPA (Retired)

Temple Brewing

Released January 13, 2012

When this beer was offered up as a single keg taster at a trade event in 2010, it was the pick of pretty much everyone in the room. One chap with about as senior a role in the Australian brewing industry described it as faultless - not something he would give up easily. More importantly, it was delicious. And now, back as the final member of the Temple permanent range, it still is. Deeply dark and with powerfully pungent piney (that's enough "p's" thanks) hop aromas that greet you well before the beer reaches you lips - thanks to a heavy, heavy hopping schedule throughout the brewing and conditioning process - it's a hop lover's dream. That said, it's balanced beautifully by the malts (including the midnight wheat from which it takes its name), with the roastiness kept to a minimum. Rich in the mouth and smooth as you like, it's going to make a lot of people very happy.

Black IPA
77 IBU

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