Temple / Weihenstephan UNIFIKATOR

Temple Brewing

Released May 4, 2012

When the head brewer from the world's oldest existing brewery decides to pop into your brewery when it's only been open for a few weeks to make only the second collaboration in his brewery's history, you have every right to give the beer a name entirely in capital letters. And a name as bold as UNIFIKATOR. Because however you look at it, the fact that Temple hooked up with Frank Peifer of Weihenstephan is an incredible achievement. The beer - a strong wheat beer or weizenbock - uses the distinctive Weihenstephan yeast strain as well as some rye in the brew to add a layer or richness to the malt character. The result is a luscious, full-bodied blend of the banana and spice esters typical of the German brewery's beers, some dark fruit notes, rich malts and a touch of chocolate before it ends both spicy and slightly sweet.



And more to follow at a series of launches soon

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