Temple Oatmeal Stout

Temple Brewing

Released August 10, 2012

Considering the array of beers Temple has unleashed in recent years, it might come as some surprise that this is their first stout. Originally it was going to be held until next winter, but with one of the brewers - an avowed stout fiend - following his partner to Tassie, it was decided to brew the Oatmeal Stout early as a send off. In a break from the norm at the Brunswick East brewery, there's is nothing out of the norm. As head brewer Ron Feruglio says: "The twist is there is no twist." Instead, he's set out to create the sort of stout he'd like to drink, using a couple of types of oatmeal and a blend of malts and subtle English hops to deliver a well-rounded beer with distinct mocha aromas and a creamy mouthfeel that has hints of chocolate and coffee without straying too far in the direction of either. Another welcome arrival for us and a great send off for departing brewer Dave.

Oatmeal Stout


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