Temple Brewing Hefeweizen

Temple Brewing

Released September 24, 2014

Given he spent a day in the company of Frank Piefer, head brewer at wheat beer maestros Weihenstephan, during this year’s Good Beer Week, you’d imagine Temple brewer Glenn Harrison picked up a thing or two about brewing a good hefeweizen. And so it is that, in time for Oktoberfest, he’s created one that he’s describing as a purely traditional take on the style. What that means is characteristics of vanilla and clove with a touch of banana – “but not too much” – wrapped up with some gentle noble hop bitterness. That said, he did fill a 60 litre Sankey Keg (a keg turned into a fermenter) with the beer then dry hopped it with Cascade and Mosaic to create a single keg of “Hop to the Hefe” for the Alehouse’s Hopfest 6. That keg is likely long gone but Glenn says he’s “looking at doing a couple of other little fun things with the Hefe” too. And, for those who like their beers of a traditional and European bent, he’s also got a Pilsner in tank which should be on tap in early October.



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