Woolshed Brewery & Big Shed Tribute Red IPA – RETIRED

Woolshed Brewery

Released March 2, 2017

Disclaimer: The following details are a little sketchy, largely due to the numerous good times that were had and the large swag of bottles that were emptied on the night in question...

This story begins on the weekend of the 2017 Riverfest Festival, which takes place on the banks of South Australia’s Riverland. Big Shed’s main men, Jason and Craig, were in town pouring their KolsChisel and drinking beer with Jackson and Tom from the Woolshed Brewery. An unlabelled bottle presented itself on the bar – no one knows where said beer came from. However, according to the guys on the night, it was the best beer in the world: deliciously red and malty but at the same time hoppy, punchy and balanced.

An idea was sparked: “We must brew this beer!” the men thought in unison. So, the very next day, the foursome brewed a beer. It wasn’t the best beer in the world… it was just a tribute.

The resulting beer is a red IPA that is similar but different to the beer they consumed on that night. With a deep red pour, it's evident that the malt flavours will play a big part in this beer. Forceful grassy, piney hop aromas push aside the malt for a moment but it returns as the first sip is taken, making for a full bodied red IPA that intensifies in caramel and toffee malts as the beer warms slightly before ending with a solid whack of resin and bitterness that rounds things out nicely.

Matt King


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