Temple Brewing Under The Cover Of Darkness

Temple Brewing

Released May 18, 2017

What happens when the brewers see a spare tank and feel like brewing something different? According to the team at Temple, they brew a new beer and don’t tell anyone.

Apparently: "The GM doesn’t need to know. The accounts people don’t need to know. The sales team, they'll be fine."

So, "under the cover of darkness", that's what the brewers did.

The beer, which they're tapping at the brewery during Good Beer Week, sits somewhere between English and American brown ales. Repping for the former is an English malt bill made up of Maris Otter, Carahell, Chocolate and Crystal malts. The Americans supply the hops in the shape of Centennial and Mosaic.

We're told the outcome is "smooth chocolate and caramel flavours" from the former and "fresh hop aromas of grapefruit, tangerine and berries" from the latter.

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