Rocky Ridge White Buffalo

Rocky Ridge Brewing Co

Published July 13, 2018

Let’s get this out of the way early – stouts weren’t always black. We can thank Guinness for popularising this idea, but the term stout originally meant a stronger form of any beer before becoming solely associated with stout porters and, ultimately, turning into its own thing. With this in mind, the Dr Seuss-like concept of brewing a golden coffee stout may have broader appeal than first glance might suggest as many drinkers aren’t inclined to darker beers.

Once again, Rocky Ridge enlisted the Margaret River Roasting Co, whose Midnight blend of 50 percent Papua New Guinean and 50 percent Colombian coffee beans was sterilised in neutral spirit before being added to the hop back. The result is bright green coffee aromas with clear coffee flavours featuring mocha, milk chocolate and a light berry note.

With the visual paradox at play, the mouthfeel is interesting. It begins medium to full before thinning slightly with some malt sweetness that’s balanced by a familiar dry stout finish. Add in some coffee acidity and bitterness and you end up with this curiously drinkable beer.

Guy Southern

White Coffee Stout

White Buffalo is on limited release via WA retailers

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