Rocky Ridge Holy S**t, It's A Mid – The Mandarin Edition

Rocky Ridge Brewing Co

Published October 2, 2018

Given how many high octane IPAs have been leaving the Rocky Ridge farm in recent weeks, it's perhaps not before time that they're serving up a little balance in the form of the latest edition in the Holy S**t, It’s A Mid! series. This time around, the brewery team rescued tens of kilograms of perfectly edible but second grade mandarins from landfill. Normally, farmers would have to pay to dump this fruit, however, thanks to Rocky Ridge, it now receives a second life, reborn in a refreshing, seasonally fruited gose.

Of all the recent editions, perhaps it’s citrus that works best. The natural mandarin acidity plays very well with the light lactic twang. If anything, salinity is more dominant here than in previous expressions, although this isn’t at Dead Sea, flotation tank levels, instead helping to create depth in the absence of much in the way of booze.

Guy Southern

Mandarin Gose
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