Rocky Ridge Golden Rise

Rocky Ridge Brewing Co

Published March 7, 2019

Craft brewers and rock musicians have plenty in common: beards, sticking it to The Man, passion in abundance and, perhaps most importantly, always ready for a beer after a hard day's work.

When Mt. Mountain, a Perth-based psych rock band, wanted a beer to help them celebrate the release of their new album Golden Rise they didn't have to look to hard to find a brewery that could deliver. Rocky Ridge are no strangers to collaboration and they've nailed the brief once again with a very crisp, very drinkable golden ale brewed with an array of homegrown hops they claim is perfectly suited to relaxing in your favourite bean bag listening to loud, psychedelic music.

Whatever your choice of tune, the 4.6 percent ABV ale should have you super psyched or, at the very least, your thirst quenched.

Jono Outred

Golden Ale
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