Rocky Ridge Shake & Bake Milkshake IPA

Rocky Ridge Brewing Co

Published March 21, 2019

When it comes to one of the many crazes swirling around the global beer world today, milkshake IPAs, it seems that thick and juicy is the rule of thumb. The team over at Rocky Ridge clearly just took that as their launchpad, however, and created a pavlova-inspired spin on the style that's thicker and juicier than any I've encountered before.

Hefty additions of freshly juiced passionfruit, kiwifruit, blueberries and strawberries make up a flavour profile that's more fruit salad than IPA. A dose of vanilla bean and lactose adds sweetness and nostalgic memories of Nan's pavlova smothered with fresh custard.

Shake and Bake was brewed in collaboration with the crew at Mane Liquor and was intended to be a warm weather crusher, with a restrained 15 IBU for ease of drinking and one in which the fruit is allowed to play lead. Plenty of fresh hop character can still be found, though, and it'll go down easy when the sun is out; equally, its sweeter dessert stylings might be just at home when the weather cools.

Jono Outred

Milkshake IPA
15 IBU
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