Bruny Island Last Ferry Lager & Rye Smile & Black Pudding

Bruny Island Beer Co

Released July 9, 2019

These three releases from Bruny Island Beer Co are determined to showcase the brewers' diversity. The first deals with a problem that’s surely been faced by many tourists who have made their way to Bruny. With the last ferry leaving the island soon after 7pm, it’s one you don't want to miss. On the other hand, spending another night on an island awash with oysters, cheese and beer doesn’t sounds all that bad. If you do miss it, Last Ferry Lager would be a fitting way to celebrate that extra night. The New World lager has a hop mix of Summer, Helga and Galaxy and pours with an orange haze. There's mild floral notes but most of the heavy lifting seems to come from the Galaxy, with a fruity punch of rockmelon and peach against a clean and bitter backdrop.

And, while Rye Smile might also contain Summer and Helga, the dark rye saison is an entirely different beast. Close your eyes and give it a good whiff and you’ll easily think it’s a down-the-line saison, with the yeast-driven phenolics providing a peppery aroma. But drink it in and you’ll find spice, caramel and roasted notes along with lemon and candied orange for a fruit cake kinda beer.

Speaking of desserts, the raspberry stout, Black Pudding, is full of dark chocolate, richly roasted coffee and raspberries. A decent carbonation and relatively light body means it’s not too heavy, making for the kind of raspberry and chocolate slice you might hunt down as a late afternoon treat.

Will Ziebell

Various styles
6.6% & 5.9% & 6.0%
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