TWØBAYS Brewing Co Breakaway Summer Ale

TWØBAYS Brewing Co

Published January 16, 2020

As the canned offering from gluten free brewery TWØBAYS grows, it appears to be doing it in increments, offering up a scale of hop forward beers of slightly different ABVs and subtly different natures. Moving in at the lower end of the booze scale is Breakaway, the summer ale introduced in late 2019.

If you wanted to distil this down to two words, "light" and "delicate" might do the trick. It pours a very light pale colour with a light haze. Delicate citrus and pineapple aromas lead the way in a beer that's also light on the palate and comes with minimal bitterness. As one of the lightest beers – in all senses – from them to date, the dedicated beer drinker may be able to tell in a blind tasting it's not a traditional barley or wheat based beer; what they'll definitely be able to deduce in such a setting is that they've got a hot weather quaffer in their glass.

James Smith

Gluten Free Summer Ale
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