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Published February 6, 2023

Welcome to the age of ginger beer. Sure, both the alcoholic and boozeless versions of ginger beer have long had a presence in Australia - Queensland we’re looking at you in particular - craft breweries appear to be approaching them with gusto. Take the most recent GABS Hottest 100, no less than six made it into the countdown which suggests that not only are they being made but embraced too.

The gluten-free maestros at TWØBAYS Brewing have brought their own into the world, with the limited-release under the GFB banner the brewery launched in 2021. Like the original GFB, it’s quite an easy-drinking beer with refreshment at its heart and features the sorghum grain as its base. With fresh notes of ginger, an overarching dryness and sprightliness along with low carbs, drinking it makes it pretty clear how why the humble root spice is on the rise.

Will Ziebell

Ginger Beer
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