TWØBAYS Brewing Co Margarita Sour

TWØBAYS Brewing Co

Published November 24, 2021

With a variety of gluten-free malts at their disposal, it seems there isn’t really a style of beer that TWØBAYS won’t approach. Their limited release roster for 2021 has included tins of stout, red IPA and a hazy pale – all of which you’d be hard-pressed to pick as being gluten-free beers. As the end of the year arrives, the brewers have set the scene for summer with Margarita Sour, a beer brewed in collaboration with Olympic long jumper and Coeliac Australia ambassador Brooke Stratton.

The beer was dreamt up on the beach by Brooke and TWØBAYS founder Richard Jeffares and it's that location, with the sun shining bright, that would be perfect for enjoying the Margarita Sour. There’s a hefty rush of lime as soon as you take a sip and, while the sourness isn’t particularly strong, it provides a further zesty note that's fitting for the citrus-heavy beer. Add in a touch of salt for some minerality and a tequila-like savoury quality and the only thing missing is a glass full of crushed ice and a tiny umbrella.

Will Ziebell

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