Rocky Ridge EXP IIPA #1

Rocky Ridge Brewing Co

Published January 17, 2020

The seemingly perfunctory nature of EXP IIPA #1's name and obi-strip label does little to educate the drinker as to what exactly is inside this geometric clad can. Could it be hazy? Or is this a straightforward – whatever that means in 2020 – IIPA? Has this been designed with first year geology and engineering students in mind? With precious little to go on, could the contents be actually pink, given that’s the only reference outside of the monochromatic design scheme?

It’s hard to say and, given the choice available to most Australian punters, EXP IIPA #1’s strikingly bold minimalism places a significant amount of trust in the relationship between the brewery and drinker. Luckily for those who make the leap of faith, this is a very well-crafted beer.

Leading with Navel orange and subtle booze fumes, the debut EXP IIPA expands to take in fruity ruby grapefruit and pine with faint peach and mandarin. There’s a little weight but this is a smooth, gracefully balanced beer; smooth had in fact been underlined in the original tasting notes for this write up. Bitterness is appropriate but not overwhelming for its stature, while there are no jagged edges and what little booze prickle that creeps though only helps provide welcome texture.

Perhaps that’s just too much to fit on a single label, however, which leaves "Drink with care" as the only sensible design option.

Guy Southern


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