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All Inn Brewing

Full disclosure: I’m a sucker for a nice red IPA. It’s one of my favourite styles of beer. Does that make me more likely to be discerning, or more likely to be biased? I like to think the former. Probably sometimes the latter. But whichever it is, I still remember the first time I had a Mutiny and let out a two syllable: “Daay-um!”

When I drink a red IPA, I want impressive malts, impressive hops, and solid booze… and Mutiny delivers on all three. The malts bring an intense ruby-rust colour that’s bordering on brown, and fill this beer with deep caramel, molasses, and even edges into chocolate territory - not unlike that caramelised burnt toffee you get drizzled over your dessert at a wedding. In terms of hops, Mutiny is chock full of pine and resin and dried mango and candied orange, with a bitterness that settles in as you work your way through. And, as for heft, this red IPA is thick and chewy, leaving a warmth in your chest that survives past the last sip.

Maybe I’m biased. Maybe I’m discerning. Maybe Mutiny’s a fine red IPA.

Mick Wust

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