Wayward Brewing Funky Pineapple Hand Grenade (Cans)

Wayward Brewing Co

Released January 30, 2020

Usually when you throw a hand grenade, you don't want it to come back to you. But we're glad to see this grenade return. Wayward has brought back their Funky Pineapple Hand Grenade, finally in the form of tinnies to keep our hot little hands cool.

Flavour wise, this beer hasn’t really changed since we wrote about last year’s release, and we at The Crafty Pint feel no shame in linking to our own writings. But since I enjoy the sound of my own voice, I’ll still add my two cents.

For all its complexity, Funky Pineapple is surprisingly easy-drinking. And I ask you: whoever could have predicted, even just a couple of years ago, that a 6.8 percent ABV murky IPA fermented with Brettanomyces and exhibiting pineapple characteristics could ever be described as “easy-drinking”?

Really it’s a comment on the technical skills of the brewing team - everything is in balance, a harmony between the hop flavours and the fermentation flavours and the malt body. The flavours are an ensemble cast in a sitcom, rather than one outrageous character trying to steal the show. And we all know that, although some members of the CP team who have no taste may think otherwise, ensemble TV shows are often the best ones.

Let’s hope Wayward don’t pull the pin on this one any time soon.

Mick Wust

Brett IPA
60 IBU
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