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Modus Beer

Published May 22, 2020

The brewery might have first made a name for itself on the back of big, trophy-winning, hop forward releases but anyone who knows Modus - particularly its locals - knows the team like to keep a broad range of beers coming from their Mona Vale home. Beers like Pittwater Premium Draught don’t just namecheck the locale but were brewed with enjoying a beer by the water and drinkers with more mainstream tastes in mind. And now that approachable offering has been followed by what’s simply called Modus Beer.

It’s a beer that, like its name, is aiming for a certain simplicity too: an old school lager where the hops are mostly driving the bitterness with their aromatic capabilities kept on a tighter leash. It’s light, crisp and there’s a slight grainy quality too, while Citra hops give the beer a moderate citrusy, tropical lift.

Given it's a beer with local and locals in mind, the Modus team have chosen to use to celebrate the Keeping Local Campaign too, with the logo and colour scheme adorning the labels.

Will Ziebell

Modus Beer

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