Frenchies Middy (RETIRED)

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Published July 10, 2020

It’s only been within the last couple of years that craft fans have begrudgingly acknowledged that yes, cold crispy lagers are actually quite nice and mid-strength beers are great to have as a viable option when you really just aren’t in a position to drink 7 percent IPAs at all times. It’s almost as if the one of the most dominant beer styles in the country for the last century existed for a reason?

Like XXXX Gold, Frenchies Middy is a 3.5 percent ABV lager but unlike Gold Middy is almost certainly never going to be gulped down in astonishing quantities by horrifically sunburned English people just after tea on Day 1 of the first Ashes Test at the Gabba. And isn’t that a bloody travesty?

Middy is a remarkably bright and refreshing New World lager from Frenchies hopped with Motueka and Mosaic. New Zealand hops love lager and this is no exception. The Motueka lends a lime cordial-esque citrus note that wonderfully compliments the bread and biscuit malt. It finishes very clean, dry and it’s a goddamn shame we’ll never live in a world where we can make spectacular beersnakes from demolishing schooners of Middy at the cricket.

Judd Owen

Mid-Strength Lager
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