Swell Brewery Corduroy Lines Hazy IPA

Hazy IPA

Fashion styles tend to work in a circular manner, yet I imagine most would be happy if humanity makes an exception for the corduroy pant. Apart from the dreary colour spread spanning light beige, beige, medium beige and darker beige colour selection [I dunno, I've seen some pretty mean purple ones! – Editor], they were just plain unexciting. Which puts them at stark contrast to Swell’s new hazy IPA, Corduroy Lines, which is an ode to a dream surf day at the beach. Lines upon lines of perfect parallel swells rolling in all day; a never-ending ride of adrenaline and good times.

Aided by a heavy hit of Citra and Simcoe, Corduroy Lines is Swell’s juiciest IPA yet, with fresh orange citrus leading the way. It takes on an orange appearance a couple of shades lighter than the label, has a noticeably decent haze, and is light, creamy and fluffy – making ease of the 7 percent ABV. Some grapefruit works its way into the flavour spectrum, combining nicely with the fresh OJ vibes, and while there's a touch of sweetness, it's more fruit-driven than artificial, with a settling low bitterness to finish things off.

Matt King

Published November 14, 2020

Swell Brewery & Taphouse

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SA 5171

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