Swell Brewing Suffolk Park & White Horses IPA

Hazy Pale & IPA
4.8% & 6.2%

Swell continue to give surf chasers a guide to the great breaks around the country via a new hazy pale, while reaching into Greek mythology to name their new unfiltered IPA.

The hazy pale is Suffolk Park, named after a break in Byron Bay: along the stretch of coastline, they tell us lies a small bay where the beach break goes on for days. Once a quiet haven but now a well-known spot the Swell team associates with the Hemsworth Effect, it's been imagined in beer form as 4.8 percent ABV pale veering close to NEIPA territory courtesy of a heavily cloudy appearance. Juicy orange citrus is pronounced throughout, particularly aroma wise, supported by a touch of cleverly woven-in pink grapefruit and a little fleshy peach. The medium-light body aid drinkability, finishing a touch on the dryer side with a low bitterness.

As for White Horses, the story behind its naming starts with Poseidon, Greek god of the sea who also went by the name of Tamer of Horses or Father of Horses. With the white caps of breaking waves sometimes resembling the flowing manes of white horses, we arrive at the latest IPA in Swell's surf series.

The beer itself is fitting of a godly reference thanks to the flowing waves of juicy hop flavours elicited from Simcoe and Idaho 7. Tangerine, pawpaw and papaya mix with a little coconut and lime on the nose. The low bitterness allows the tangerine to pop as the pawpaw and papaya take a backward step. A little sweetness flows over the palate, with just a touch of pine as a final thought.

Matt King

Published February 22, 2023

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