Swell Brewing Hold Down Hazy IPA

Swell Brewery & Taphouse

Published September 29, 2021

Another limited release and another surfing inspired name for McLaren Vale’s Swell Brewing as they reboot their hazy IPA series ahead of summer. This time, the name also incorporates a second reference, with "Hold Down" taking on multiple meanings. If you've ever been swimming in the ocean when a decent wave is rolling in, there's a good chance a wave has taken you under. "Hold Down" here refers to being taken out by a big wave, which sends you rolling, tumbling and gasping to get free – which has relevance to when this beer was brewed: during South Australia’s previous COVID lockdown.

Hold Down very nearly ventures into NEIPA territory haze wise, sporting a nice yellow colour and an opaque appearance. It is a definite juice bomb, with the pale and Vienna malts, rolled oats and wheat in combination with Simcoe, Idaho 7 and Mosaic hops serving up sticky papaya, mango and pineapple plus a little sherbet on the nose. The body is soft and super fluffy, with the tropical fruit floating along nicely as the juiciness flows free of hop burn or bitterness, instead carrying a little sweetness that lingers to the end.

But, in short, this is all about the tropical hops, lifting you up from the hold down.

Matt King

Hazy IPA
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