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Published November 4, 2021

The haze craze is set to continue in McLaren Vale as Swell venture to New Zealand in search of hoppy goodness; well, at least in the sense Taranaki Dreaming contains a NZ hops-only lineup. Riwaka, Motueka and Waimea join their regular male base for such beers: ale, Vienna, rolled oats and wheat base. And true to form, there's a surfing reference to go along with it. On the West Coast of New Zealand's North Island spans Surf Highway 45, a stretch of road that contains some the best surf breaks in the country, overlooking Taranaki Maunga, a snow-covered dormant volcano.

A bright yellow pour showcases a decent haze with a bright white head. On the first sip, a nice, soft mouthfeel leads the way, into a wash of zingy citrus flavours. The lime is noticeable, mixing well with a little creamy coconut and a good whack of grapefruit juice. There's even a little passionfruit hiding inside, with equal hints of pine. Some of the grapefruit lingers in the bitterness and a good dryness rounds out a hefty 6.3 percent ABV beer that drinks more like a 5 percenter.

Matt King

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