Moon Dog The Baron of Barrels

Moon Dog

Published September 1, 2021

A few months on from the arrival of The Duke of Chifley, Moon Dog have returned to the royal courts for another regal beer in big bottles. This time it's a golden strong ale by the name of The Baron of Barrels, which has been ageing away in multiple barrels since before the novel coronavirus (AKA 2019, but that seems like a fitting way to measure time these days) – three different varieties too: Cognac, white wine and red wine – ready to be launched just in time for spring 2021.

The result of that extended maturation, the oak, and the barrel’s former inhabitants is a rich and creamy beer that pours a luminous golden orange. Quite vinous red wine notes hit first but are soon joined by white grape, further fruit in the shape of ripe pineapple, which are then followed by more stewed fruits akin to what you'd find in a Port. Let it warm up and further oaky elements come to the fore: vanilla and a subtle touch of caramel – and, while it might register 11.3 percent ABV, the depth and breadth of flavours neatly hide any rougher edges that might otherwise accompany the alcohol.

Will Ziebell

Barrel-Aged Golden Stronmng Ale
Moon Dog

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