Moon Dog Piney Minogue & Splice of Heaven Mango

Moon Dog

Published September 29, 2021

You might be on this page to read about two beers from Moon Dog but how about a bit of history instead? Way back in 2012, Moon Dog launched the Magnificent Mullet series, crisp and refreshing fruited sour beers named after a bunch of mullets and the celebrities beneath them; they weren’t the most out there releases from the brewery but predated the flood wave of such beers that followed by some years.

In 2019, the series returned and, remarkably, here in 2021 they still haven't run out of fruits or celebrities. That brings us to Piney Minogue, which we can assume is less a reference to modern Kylie and more her time on Neighbours. How about a Jason Durian-ovan next? That’s a free one for you Moon Dog. The 4.5 percent ABV pineapple sour pours clear orange and the pineapple flavour is mostly towards the lolly end of the spectrum but with quite a substantial tartness and bitter finish isn’t too far removed from biting towards the centre of the fruit.

It’s not the only Moon Dog release that reaches back to an earlier beer time either. Back in 2015, before brewers were adding lactose to hoppy beers with such fervour, they released Splice of Heaven: a pine-lime lactose IPA. It’s since exchanged lactose for vanilla to become vegan friendly and is now joined by Slice of Heaven Mango Ice Cream IPA. Alongside that vanilla and mango nectar, the beer includes Zappa, Azacca and Loral hops to push out further tropical notes and, while there’s a clear mango freshness and vanilla creaminess, there’s also a substantial bitterness that places the ice cream beer in the same world as the sort of IPAs released in Australia in the middle of the past decade.

Will Ziebell

Pineapple Sour Ale & Ice Cream IPA
4.5% & 6.2%
Moon Dog

17 Duke Street
VIC 3067

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