Moon Dog & Lervig Mooseroo

Moon Dog

Published April 19, 2022

Maybe something has been going on in the world over the past two years but collaborations between breweries from different countries seem to have been a little bit less frequent compared with what was going on in the lead up to 2020. But with borders now back open and travel on the cards we can only assume the gentle stream of international collaborations may again start to better resemble a fast-flowing river. Moon Dog are certainly back making beer with mates, partnering with Norway's Lervig to brew Mooseroo, a purple offspring of the two countries' most captivating animals.

Much like the mythical Mooseroo, the hazy IPA looks to blend different parts of the two countries by using kveik yeast that originated in Norway in tandem with Australian hops. The result is a thick and juicy beer with a mix of passionfruit, orange juice and a substantial punch of resinous pine that builds with each sip and sticks around once the beer is gone.

Will Ziebell

Kveik Hazy IPA
Moon Dog

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